Content during the Holidays

I know, I'm a few days early, but Tis the season and I don't think you can say it to many times for the next 25 days. (Yes, I think there is a buffer that you can say Merry Christmas to people even after the 25th)

The season full of rushing, buying, scrambling, worrying... wait a second. That sounds horrible.Why would anyone look forward to a time in their lives that causes so much stress?

I work in retail. (It's the way God has allowed me to support my family. I'd love to make music for y'all full time, but thus far God has allowed me to do it part time. If He wills it, one day I'll quit my "daytime gig" and be able to focus fully on music ministry)

Anyway, I work in retail, so this is the time of the year where everyone is trying to get deals, buy for other people, rush from store to store, or website to website to find the perfect gift. It all seems, to me at least, a season of almost controlled chaos. I say almost because there is a sense of just "buckle up and hold on" and sometime in January when everyone wakes up to their credit card bills, we all realize we are still alive and have to pay them.

God has been teaching me a lot recently about contentment. About stepping off the hamster wheel. Sure I still go to work and do my best as if I'm doing it unto Him, but I don't need more. I don't need more of anything, but Him.

If Christ truly is enough, why must I try to add onto Him to make it feel like He is?

The true meaning of Christmas is about God sending His Son, to live a life I could never attain. To live as a perfect lamb that would be sacrificed so that I could be called righteous. God doesn't need anything from me to make Christ's sacrifice more sufficient. If He did, then Christ wasn't enough.

He is far more than enough.

So while the rest of the world maybe going crazy, step back. Remember why you are here. Christmas doesn't have to be defined by crazy. On second thought, maybe it should. When the world sees Christ's followers living as they are called, Scripture says they will think we are nuts. Maybe, just maybe we should be more crazy about the reason, and not the activities that come along with this month on the calendar.

Be encouraged friend. We're all in this together and I'm not saying this from a point of perfection but a stance of imperfection. My goal is to be a compass that points to the Truth, not for me to be the Truth. The Truth already came and lived for me and you. I'm just a compass pointing to where North Truly is.

- matt