Filled with what?

I was so excited as I was having my dad winning moment of the summer. My wife had purchased a new inflatable pool that was big enough that an adult could sit in it so we could play with our two young-ins durning the coming hot summer days. 

I got my shop vac out and blew it up in a total of 60 seconds. Took it around to the back yard and proceeded to fill that air stuffed plastic with cool H20. #winning

I went to finish mowing the lawn as Abby got the kids swimming suits on and I smiled inside as I daydreamed of taking my hot sweaty self and sitting down relaxing in that cold water after I finished.

Only to find out that there was a hole in the bottom ring of inflation that took our nice large tall pool and made it just as squatty as the last smaller pool we had just replaced.

Granted the kids still had fun and will continue to use it. The water stayed inside the pool as now the bottom portion is being held up more by the water than the air that was supposed to support the taller sides. 

It made me ponder what am I filled with? Does the pool still function? Yes. But does it live up to it's full potential? My answer is a resounding no. The life that once lived inside it's chambers has since left it's residence unoccupied and is not only being propped up by the pressures within and it's still failing at that. 

Typically the first thing that goes when life gets busy is my time in the Word. It's strange how the one thing that truly fills my soul and allows me to reach my fullest potential is the first thing I give up. Do I think I've lost my purpose as a believer, or my salvation? No, certainly not, but just like the pool, I'm not living to my fullest potential. There may be opportunities that I could miss or worse, fail at due to the pressures of life that make me want to hold myself up. 

For the pool, I'm going to try and find a patch. 

For my life, I'm going to take a breath, and fill the inside first before I allow the waters to apply pressure. 

Keep engaged and don't allow life to be your excuse for not filling your heart and mind with God's eternal Truth. 

- matt