Easter 2018

A day late and a dollar short I supposed, but in all reality Easter has more bearing on our everyday life than I sometimes admit through how I live it. Easter is the most crucial day for the entire Christian faith. Christmas seems to get the most pomp and circumstance, but with out the resurrection, Christmas would be just another day.

Only seeing the whole story gives these days meaning beyond just another day to celebrate. I hope yesterday was a stellar day for you and your family to celebrate, but even more so I hope that today and everyday forward we live in the reality of the empty tomb.

This video is one that is a must watch for every Easter and I thought I'd share it with you because of how impactful it has been for me.


We have a reason to celebrate each and everyday. We also have so much more so a reason to continue to empathize with and serve others because of the Hope that we have. Never stop serving others.

- Matt