The Message is free

Today I was pretty down about how things are going lately. No, the world isn't really falling to pieces, but to borrow some metaphors from Scripture, I'm tired of wondering around in the desert wondering when I can enter the promise land. 

I assume that I'm not the only one in this boat either. I watched a video of Tom Douglas giving his acceptance speech back in 2014 as he was being inducted into the Songwriter Hall of Fame. 

There are a lot of things about his speech that really resonate with me. The idea that God created and therefore we should create. The fact that there are hurting people that need a way to express what they are feeling when they don't have the words, or the older couple who want to dance in the kitchen at home. 

Deep I feel that I was created to write the soundtrack to your life.

The words I write I don't own. I didn't create the word, "bigger" or "traded" All I did was take those building blocks and use them to create a picture of a thought of feeling that I had a hard time expressing before. I did it for me, believing that I wasn't alone in my thoughts and feelings. I do it because the Message is free. 

It's true, I write some songs that I hope people feel free to sing in their Church. Not all of them should be, but of some of them definitely could be. 

That message, The Message, is free. The Gospel is for all people. 

That Jesus lived the life you and I never could so that He could take the punishment, God's wrath, which we fully deserved, and give us a future that we could never earn. Only faith in Christ alone guarantee's your eternal destiny in Heaven. That Message is free. It's a gift. 

My desire is that everything I do, every pore of my body points others to that Message. 

What I have to say is noise at best and a distraction at worst. My logo is a compass rose because that's how I see myself. I can tell people where north is, but I can't make them go that way. I can speak the Truth, but my success is not dependent on what they do with it. Our job was never to force belief on people, but to be sign posts and compass rose's that point back to the Message. Leading people home. 

The Message is free. The Message is for all. 

And in their own time I hope people see that if all my life was, was a door mat that welcomed them back home, it was worth it all. Every late night recording videos, long weekend drives, and countless hours editing and recording. My goal isn't to get rich, but to enrich others relationship with their Creator. 

That's why I create. Thats' why I will continue to create. 

And even if I have this tension of being in the desert waiting for the promise land, I pray that I suffer well. That my simple humble existence can point even just one wandering soul home,

- matt