What is to come

If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes and it'll change. I think they mislabeled winter in northern Indiana. It should be called the gray season. It's dark and cold and wet. Kind of like the caves we used to hide in back home when we were kids at the Clifton Gorge...

Anyway, when I woke up today bright and blurry, I was greeted by the beautiful sunshine. It was warming up and just had an extra ounce of happy as the sun crested the horizon. The end of the gray season is coming. 

I'm sure winter isn't fully over just yet, but the glimpse of hope that todays weather brings makes me think that I could survive another few weeks of gray before it's time to bust out the tank tops and flip flops. 

The taste of what is to come. 

Sneaking cookie dough before the cookies are made. One nibble of pizza before dinner. One sip of Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut coffee black with no sugar before I get to sit down with my maple frosted donut at a writing session.... man, now I'm gonna have to stop at Dunkin today!

If you want a glimpse of what's going on on the music front, be sure to join me over on Patreon.com/mattfawcett 

I'm writing a brand new song every week for the entire year and at the end of the year everyone there will get a chance to voice which songs we flesh out and produce for the new record in 2019. It's just a taste for now, but I'm getting really excited to see what the rest of this year brings. :)

- matt