Micro Midwest March Madness Tour Wrap Up

I hope you had an awesome weekend! Mine was fun and full of lots of driving and playing. It was a blast to have 3 different concerts all in one weekend. It makes me really want a bus driver though :)

There was one theme that seemed to keep popping up everywhere that I played. Hope. 

At Beans N Cream my family was there singing along and cheering me on. We have been through a lot in the past few months. I lost my Uncle a week before Christmas and my Grandmother on January 10th. I sang the song that I wrote for my Grandmothers funeral and shared about how she is more alive now than she's ever been. 

At the Alzheimer's Community, we sang hymns and songs about God using everything for His glory and our good. 

 At the Cupbearer we sang "When we all get to heaven"


Such a powerful word and one that gives us the ability to look at our present circumstances and still be able to say, God, You are worthy and I will still praise You. For our present sufferings in this world pale in comparison for the Joy that is set before us. 

Don't give up friends. Don't let this life get you down. We are all but passing thru. I may never get the chance to take another breath, and you know what, that's okay. I'll be with my Lord. 

My Grandmothers last encouragement to me was to follow the Lord all my days, for it is worth it. 

He is our Hope. Rejoice in knowing the worst that could happen today, is to be welcomed into His presence. 

- matt