My dad is pretty smart.

Okay, in all reality he's one of the smartest guys I know. We have had countless conversations over the years and one that I was reminded of this weekend had to do with margin. He's the Dean of the Business school at a prominent College so other than just eh credentials of being my dad, he's got a solid background in the subject.

I was teaching this weekend at church and we were finishing up a book called Habits of Grace and the last few chapters were basically the author cramming in as much information that he could about 3 final subjects.

They were Discipleship, Money and Time.

I know. That's a lot to talk about in 45 min and barely scratched the surface.

The piece that all 3 have in common is margin. This is true for a lot of things in life, but especially for these 3 as you cannot have the ability to serve others in these areas without margin.

"Without margin, there is no ministry"

Without time, you can't serve others. Without money you can't give financially, and without purpose, you can't Disciple others.

It's cool to see how God has given some of us margin in certain areas and different margin to others in completely different areas. I may not be financially well off but I can serve others. Others maybe financially well off where they can give to others that have more time but not the resources.

As part of a body we can work together to maximize the impact we have on others in the world by creating margin. By being good stewards of our time, money and resources, we can create margin to serve.

My dad also has this phrase of "Divine Down Time" meaning, time God has given you that wrecked your schedule to make you step back and realign with Him. I see this a lot when I get sick, or my car breaks down on a trip. I'm thankful for those times, but it helps me realize that I need them more than I thought because I was pushing way too hard and forgetting my purpose in life.

My purpose is not to make a paycheck. It's to Glorify God in all things. That can be done on the side of the road with a flat tire, or standing at my desk at work working just as much as making music for you all.

I would rather have the margin to just create music to share with you, but until God allows that to happen, He calls me to be a good steward of where I am and what I have. That's not an excuse to not create margin, but probably more so.

Where are areas of Margin that you can create? How can you serve someone else this week?

Keep the faith friends!

- matt