Caffeine I Need You

I hope your weekend was amazing! I know in todays age there are times when it feels like the weekend is the only time that we get to do "our thing" but be encouraged, I think "our thing" can happen all day everyday. :)

"What are you talking about, Matt?! How can I do what I want all the time?"

Well, let me rephrase that. You will get to do what you want all the time when you're view of what you want changes. I know crazy paradigm shift eh?

This past Saturday I was honored to play at a local coffee shop over in Warsaw, Indiana. It was a two hour gig and I loved every minute of it. From my dad helping me load in and out, to singing and playing to having my daughter run around on stage while I was playing a song I wrote about God healing her heart after open heart surgery, to getting the change to sing a duet with my Beautiful Bride. Every moment of it was awesome, because it allowed me to serve. 

Today I got to spend my morning hanging out with my daughter, (see the picture on Instagram of us drinking coffee together.) holding my son and writing some new tunes. In an hour or two, I'll put on my business clothes and head off to my day job. 

I'll admit, my day job is not one that lights my fire. It's honestly something that I've actually had a pretty bad attitude about for a while and I was using that as fuel to keep pursuing music full time. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still pursuing music full time, but I need to have an attitude adjustment. My day gig is what allows me to go and do shows right now. It's what allows me to serve people through music and still feed my family. 

I wrote a song back when I was in Camp ministry full time that was a parody of Lord I Need You called Caffeine I Need You. It's a play on the concept of how often when there is a lack of sleep that caffeine is the "Christian drug" It's a fun song and I sang it on Saturday and we all were laughing about it. Then someone called out, "Hey, Matt, can we sing the real version?"

Of course! So I launched right into singing Lord I Need You, and I got all the way through the first chorus then realized I couldn't remember the second verse. 


Not even a word was coming to mind. So I hummed the melody hoping that everyone else who was singing would carry the lyrics. I thankfully remembered the rest, and sang it out, but apparently that second verse I need to revisit. 

Life is like that. We get so focused on one thing that we forget the basics. 

Let's get real personal. Life isn't about you. 

Ouch, that's not fun to admit, but it's true. So what does this have to do with "our thing"? 

Well if life was all about doing whatever you wanted and having a killer career, nice car, big house, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence then my guess is you'll never be satisfied. I've noticed this in my own life. I've spent the last 5 years chasing the carrot in my day job. Enough is never enough. I guess that's the con of working in sales. It offers you all the money you want to make, but never the satisfaction of "getting there". 

So here is my challenge to myself. Don't let the joy of my thing be wrapped up in me. Let it be wrapped up in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Let it be that serving others, no matter what capacity, is where joy can be found and shared. The avenue will change. Someday I hope and pray that I can serve you and others full time musically, but until that time, I should resent a job that allows me to serve others in a different capacity. 

I don't want to live for the weekend. I want to live for eternity. So I'm changing "my thing" to be Christ's thing. Serving God and loving people in whatever capacity He sets before me. 

I hope that all of us can do Christ's thing every moment of the day and with every breath in our being. Let's not let caffeine drive our awareness but our awareness of who God is and what He has done for us drive our desire to love and serve Him and others. 

- Matt