This past weekend was busy with a lot of activities going on but I had a gut check on Saturday. My wife texted me and asked if we could hang out because she missed me. My wife. The woman I go home to every night misses me. I was working when I got the text. (Granted I was scheduled to work the Saturday shift so that wasn't a new thing)

My priorities have always been outlined as follows: 

1. God
2. Wife
3. Kids
4. Work

There are times when I tend to juggle things around too much and the order flips around. My wife had a very loving and gentle way of reminding me. 

"I miss you. Can we hang out."

There is nothing more heart wrenching  to me then disappointing the people that I love. Life is full of intentional choices. We are either intentional about making them or intentional about not making them and them being made for us. So I chose to focus on being with her more this weekend instead of just running around like crazy.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon when my daughter was throwing a screaming fit. (Those of you who know her and believer her to be an angel 24/7 should come live with us for a few hours.) I made a choice. I picked her up and held her in my arms till she stopped and we could talk about it. I chose to be the Father she needed and not the passive dad she wanted that would let her scream and get her way. 

I chose to be the Husband my wife desperately desired and not just the money machine she never asked for. To love her with my time and not just provision.

I choose. It's on me. The list of priorities will only stay in the right order if I'm intentional about it. 

And I will be intentional. Life is too precious and my family is too important to forget them in the process of trying to provide for them. My greatest fear is accomplishing something that doesn't matter. What I do does not matter as much as who I am. 

I am a: Believer, Husband, Father, Employee

And that's how it should be. So how are you friend? Are you choosing what's important? 

I'd encourage you to write down what's important and keep that list close by. It's always good to have a reminder to keep us all on track. You need it. I need it. And most importantly, our families need it. 

Your friend, 

- matt