God, Police and Psalm 139

David starts Psalm 139 by saying, "O Lord, You have searched me and known me You know when I sit down and when I rise up." (NASB 1995) 

I grew up in Ohio where police officers were all very clearly marked and had to have their headlights on if they were sitting off the side of the road. It made it a little easier to figure out when you should dial back your cruise control or at least turn it off real quick so your "under 5 doing fine" mantra could hold true. 

Three years ago my wife and I moved to Indiana where the laws are a little different. I could be driving past a dump truck and still feel the guilt of not wanting to be over the speed limit for fear that there is an officer in the passenger seat with a radar gun. 

I've only been pulled over twice in my life. Both were for speeding and both resulted in tickets. (Which I admit, I did deserve)

Sometimes I find myself believing that God is the cosmic police. That if I break one of His rules I'd be sure to see flashing lights in my rearview mirror. 

God does have rules, but He's not a cop. His rules are designed to give us the best, Himself. I see the progression throughout Psalm 139 as David first talks about how God has already searched him and knowns him. In the middle of the Psalm he admits that there is no where we could go or hide that would separate us from God. He even knew us as He knit us together in our mothers womb. 

At the very end of the Psalm is where is feel like we should all progress to be. To find ourselves asking God to test us and see if there would be any wicked way in us so He can lead us in the everlasting way. 

Carrying on with the metaphor, it's like asking a police officer to ride along with you in the passenger seat. I know I have a tendency to speed so to keep me from that I want you to ride by my side. (Cue Carrie Underwoods, "Jesus Take the Wheel")

But seriously, there is a heart change that goes from seeing God as the cosmic police looking to pull you over, into the Loving Father that He is, coming along beside us and teaching us how to drive. 

We're going to mess up, it's inevitable, we aren't perfect, but we don't have to hide in shame. It's been paid for.