Growing up we sang a lot of hymns in my church. At the time it wasn't something I was always pumped to hear played on Sunday mornings. I wanted to be cranking up Steven Curtis Chapman tunes, or the Newsboys (the Breakfast song anyone?) But as the years pressed on and I started leading more I noticed something. 

People knew the hymns. 

You could go to any church across the country and most everyone could be heard belting out Amazing Grace, Be Thou My Vision, It Is Well, etc. I would also look at the people singing the loudest and it was the people that I looked up to and saw as spiritual giants. The people that if you were going through something, you wanted to be praying on your behalf. 

That's why this project to me has been so special. 

This Thanksgiving I'm releasing my first Hymns EP project. It was done in collaboration with my good friend Joy Chadwell. She's an incredibly talented vocalist and songwriter herself and was ecstatic when I asked if she would be willing to lend her voice for this project. 

My goal is to give back to the church the songs they gave to me. To my grandparents both through blood and belief so that we can sing not just their songs, but our songs. The songs the Church has almost forgot. 

The hymns on this first EP are:

  1. Be Thou My Vision
  2. Come Thou Fount
  3. It Is Well
  4. Standing on the Promises
  5. There is a Fountain
  6. To God be the Glory

I'm so excited for you to hear it and can't wait to share it all with you. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. It's coming soon!

- matt