First of all....

I want to stay thank you again to all of you for supporting my family. My life at times gets a little nuts with traveling, writing, recording, still doing my full time job, and of course just being a Husband and a Father. We have had a crazy journey ahead and I'm looking forward to see how things pan out. We make plans but God directs our steps. 

I typically try to write on monday mornings, but I'll admit have been a little behind recently. This past weekend I had a show in Cedarville, Ohio, playing for the Battle of the Bands, which I didn't win, but it was another great opportunity to share my music with people. I drove back to Indiana that night so Sunday morning Abby, the kids and I could go lead music at a church about a hour south west of our home to sub for their worship pastor. 

After getting home we ate a quick lunch then I spent the afternoon helping a lady in our Sunday School class move out of her apartment building that had a fire, then headed over to Warsaw, Indiana to see my musical hero, Steven Curtis Chapman. 

It was a crazy weekend. And I loved it. 

Why? Because it gave me the chance to serve people. 

I got a chance to meet some of you in Cedarville at the show. Thanks again for coming out. I got to serve the Universal church by being entrusted to lead another pastors flock. I was able to serve a friend by helping her move. (Mind you, I got to use my trailer which, outside of actually playing music, meeting you, and traveling, Loading-in and out is one of my favorite things to do, which is essentially moving.)

Steven Curtis Chapman reminded me of the power of music. His songs have been the soundtrack to the majority of my life. He's a big part of why I write the way I do. And he is still using his talent to serve others. I felt so honored to be served by him Sunday night. 

So an encouragement and a challenge for you. 

How have you served others this past week?

What opportunities has God given you to serve others?

We are all given the chance to glorify God with every breath of every moment. I want to live more intentionally and be aware of where God is giving me the opportunity to serve others even with the small things.