Play That Song On The Radio

It happened. It was kind of surreal actually. My song “Psalm 139” was set free on the radio waves this year. Faith and Friends Radio is a radio station that is located out of my hometown region back in Ohio. I got a chance to meet two of the radio personalities that I grew up listening to as a kid for years. That in and of itself was pretty crazy knowing that I’d heard their voices so much that they sounded like family, yet I’d never actually seen their faces. 

Bill and Melody are the two that I was so fortunate to meet through a mutual friend, Joy Chadwell. (She’s a singer and songwriter as well too and has amazing stuff, you should do yourself a favor and check her music out.) We met at Faith and Friends Radio Chocolate Festival in Dayton Ohio. I gave them a copy of my Traded It All CD so they could give it to Pete Vecchi who is the radio host for a program called Horizons. Horizons features local artist from the area so they can promote the local music. Which as a local musician I am a total fan of. 

Because I met them before the craziness of Christmas it was a while before they were able to work my song into the program. I am so grateful for them being able to give me the opportunity to share my music with their listeners. I am humbled that so many were able to hear something that up to that time only a few people at my gigs and at church were able to hear it. 

A personal thank you from me to all the people at Faith and Friends Radio. Please be sure to give them some love and thank them for supporting local musicians. Also, be sure to listen to them online.

Seth Richardson

Seth Richardson is a freelance Web & Graphic designer.